Types of Banjos

The banjo is a versatile instrument that comes in various types, each with its unique features and playing styles. Let’s explore the different types of banjos:

Four-string banjo

The four-string banjo, also known as the tenor banjo, is commonly used in traditional jazz and Irish music. It has a shorter neck compared to other banjos, making it easier to play chord-based music.

Five-string banjo

The five-string banjo is the most popular type of banjo, especially in bluegrass and folk music. It is characterized by its shorter fifth string, known as the drone string, which adds a distinctive twang to the sound.

Six-string banjo

The six-string banjo, also known as a guitar banjo, combines elements of a banjo and a guitar. It has six strings like a guitar but retains the banjo’s resonator and unique sound, making it a versatile instrument for musicians looking for a hybrid sound.

Tenor banjo

The tenor banjo, also called the plectrum banjo, is a four-string banjo popular in early jazz music. It is played with a pick, allowing for fast and intricate picking patterns that lend themselves well to jazz and ragtime music.

Each type of banjo has its own distinct sound and playing style, contributing to the diverse range of music genres that the banjo is known for.