Chords of D

All major chords in all keys follow the pattern Major, Minor, and Diminished. Check out the D major triads and four-note chords (with 7ths) in this analysis.

Here Are 25 Ways to Play the D Chords 

If you’ve visited this site to rehearse more about the Chords of D, here are some illustrations of D chords diagram listed below:

  • D Re major
  • Dm Re minor
  • D+ Re major increased
  • D# Re-sharp major
  • D#m Re-sharp minor
  • D#+ Re-sharp major increased
  • Dmaj7 Major 7th chord from Re
  • D#maj7 Major 7th chord from Re-sharp
  • Ddim Reduced chord from Re
  • D#dim Reduced chord from Re-sharp
  • Dsus4 Re major with quart instead of thirds
  • D#sus4 Re-sharp major with quart instead of thirds
  • D6 Major 6th chord from Re
  • Dm6 Minor 6th chord from Re
  • D#6 Major 6th chord from Re-sharp
  • D#m6 Minor 6th chord from Re-sharp
  • D7 Major 7th chord (Dominant seventh chord) from Re
  • Dm7 Minor 7th chord from Re
  • D#7 Major 7th chord (Dominant 7th chord) from Re-sharp
  • D#m7 Minor 7th chord from Re-sharp
  • Ddim7 Reduced 7th chord from Re
  • D#dim7 Reduced 7th chord from Re-sharp
  • D7sus4 Major 7th chord with quart from Re
  • D#7sus4 Major 7th chord with quart from Re-sharp
  • D Major 7/6 from Re
  • D#Major 7/6 from Re-sharp
  • D9 Major nonchord from Re
  • Dm9 Minor nonchord from Re
  • D#9 Major nonchord from Re-sharp
  • D#m9 Minor nonchord from Re-sharp
Chords of D

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