Chords of E

Welcome to this week’s edition of our “Chord of the Week” series, in which we look at a different guitar chord and discuss its history, function, key, major scale, common progressions, and some well-known songs in its key. The E Major chord will be the focus of today’s lesson. Please check out C-Chord and D-Chord if you haven’t already.

Here Are 15 Ways to Play the E Chords 

If you’ve visited this site to rehearse more about the Chords of E, here is some illustration chords diagram listed below:

  • E Mi major
  • Em Mi minor
  • E+ Mi major increased
  • Emaj7 Major 7th chord from Mi
  • Edim Reduced Chord from Mi
  • Esus4 Mi major with quart instead of thirds
  • E6 Major 6th chord from Mi
  • Em6 Minor 6th chord from Mi
  • E7 Major 7th chord (Dominant 7th chord) from Mi
  • Em7 Minor 7th chord from Mi
  • Edim7 Reduced 7th chord from Mi
  • E7sus4 Major 7th chord with quart from Mi
  • E Major 7/6 from Mi
  • E9 Major nonchord from Mi
  • Em9 Minor nonchord from Mi
Chords of E

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