C minor 11 – Cm11 – guitars tuning


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The C minor 11 or Cm11 Guitar Notes

  • → D4 → 1 String (the thinnest)
  • → A#3 → 2 String
  • → F3 → 3 String
  • → D#3 → 4 String
  • → G2 → 5 String
  • → C2 → 6 String

Notes on the guitar’s fretboard that correspond to C minor 11 are shown at the top of this page (Cm11 tuning) 

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Get your hands on our handy tune! You can pick up the chords you need from the list above if you’re a skilled musician. While it’s fun to experiment with and learn new chords, learning them is much more efficient as they naturally occur in songs. For instance, learning the E7#9 chords is helpful, but you’ll retain more of its information if you encounter it in a song you’re practicing.