Drop C guitar tuning using a tuner online


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Drop C Tuning & String Notes:

  • → D4 → 1 string (the thinnest)
  • → A3 → 2 string
  • → F3 → 3 string
  • → C3 → 4 string
  • → G2 → 5 string
  • → C2 → 6 string

Tuning all strings one semitone lower than Drop D yields Drop C. Compared to the standard classical guitar tuning, the first five strings are lowered by one tone, while the sixth is lowered by two. The top graphic shows the notes that should be played on the fretboard to achieve this tuning. Strings with more thickness and durability work best for Drop C tuning.

Drop C tuning is popular among heavy metal bands due to its deeper, darker tone. Since the bars are tuned to half-step, full-bar chords can be performed with hard rock in this tuning. The string gauge for Drop C tuning should be used instead of the regular string gauge.

Lighter gauge strings, especially those near the top of the fretboard, sound sloppy and lack tone. Due to more excellent dispersion, larger strings will vibrate more strongly when struck. If the guitar’s neck is flatter (or more curved) than usual, you should tune it to drop C. The nut and saddle of the instrument will probably need grooves.