Chords of F

Chords in the key of F, known as the F major chord scale, can be used to create melodies and other harmonic structures within the key of F. If you want your melody or chord progression to sound pious, angry, and short-fused, this is the way to go.

Read on to learn about the F major chord scale, how it differs from other scales, and why it’s so important. Learning music theory can be challenging, but it’s essential if we want to make sense of things and grow as guitarists. The following chord chart shows all the most frequently used triads and four-note extended chords in F major.

Here Are 30 Ways to Play the F Chords

If you’ve visited this site to rehearse about the Chords of F, here is some illustration chords diagram listed below:

  • F Fa major
  • Fm Fa minor
  • F+ Fa major increased
  • F# Fa-sharp major
  • F#m Fa-sharp minor
  • F#+ Fa-sharp major increased
  • Fmaj7 Major 7th chord from Fa
  • F#maj7 Major 7th chord from Fa-sharp
  • Fdim Reduced chord from Fa
  • F#dim Reduced chord from Fa-sharp
  • Fsus4 Fa major with quart instead of thirds
  • F#sus4 Fa-sharp major with quart instead of thirds
  • F6 Major 6th chord from Fa
  • Fm6 Minor 6th chord from Fa
  • F#6 Major 6th chord from Fa-sharp
  • F#m6 Minor 6th chord from Fa-sharp
  • F7 Major 7th chord (Dominant 7th chord) from Fa
  • Fm7 Minor 7th chord from Fa
  • F#7 Major 7th chord (Dominant 7th chord) from Fa-sharp
  • F#m7 Minor 7th chord from Fa-sharp
  • Fdim7 Reduced 7th chord from Fa
  • F#dim7 Reduced 7th chord from Fa-sharp
  • F7sus4 Major 7th chord with quart from Fa
  • F#7sus4 Major 7th chord with quart from Fa-sharp
  • F Major 7/6 from Fa
  • F# Major 7/6 from Fa-sharp
  • F9 Major nonchord from Fa
  • Fm9 Minor nonchord from Fa
  • F#9 Major nonchord from Fa-sharp
  • F#m9 Minor nonchord from Fa-sharp
Chords of F

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