7-string guitar tuning online


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Here you can tune a 7-string guitar online with a microphone

  • → D4 → 1 string (the thinnest)
  • → B3 → 2 string
  • → G3 → 3 string
  • → D3 → 4 string
  • → B2 → 5 string
  • → G2 → 6 string
  • → D2 → 7 string

Here’s exactly how to tune a guitar with seven strings.

Tuning a seven-string guitar is, technically speaking, the same as tuning a six-string guitar. Similar to how the accompanying diagram depicts the configuration of a seven-string guitar, we adjust the open strings to the right notes. To turn on the tuner, select “On” from below.

Experiment with open chords on a seven-string guitar and use a tuner to get the strings in tune. No microphone is required: listen to the guitar to hear if the strings are in tune.

7-string guitar tuning online using a microphone

Seven-string guitars are ubiquitous at the moment. In recent years, their popularity has skyrocketed. The influence of this guitar style can be seen in the proliferation of musical subgenres. For those who aren’t aware, a seven-string guitar is simply a guitar with an extra string. This string’s range is increased by tuning it lower than the sixth string.

Why tone down?

Turning down makes the music sound darker, which can sometimes complement the feeling the artist is going for. A brighter tone can be achieved on an acoustic guitar by tuning it up (or using a capo), whereas a darker tone can be achieved by tuning it down. Because of this, it tends to be used in more ominous styles of music. As was previously mentioned, the foundation of whole genres rests on this idea.