Chords of H or B – Si

Many don’t know the H chord. Do you know about the H chord in German music, or do you require help? German music lacks an H-chord. The vocabulary used to describe these events changed in 1994/1995. “H” is banned. Only in Germany was a similar or better chord ever performed.

“H” is pronounced “b” everywhere else. J.S. Bach sometimes spelled “b” as “h” because of “Bb.” It was unclear because there was no “Bb” in the German alphabet. German “H” is pronounced “B “and” B” is “Bb.”

Here Are 30 Ways to Play the H Chords 

  • H Si major
  • Hm Si minor
  • H+ Si major increased
  • Hb Si-flat major
  • Hbm Si-flat minor
  • Hb+ Si-flat major increased
  • Hmaj7 Major 7th chord from Si
  • Hbmaj7 Major 7th chord from Si-flat
  • Hdim Reduced chord from Si
  • Hbdim Reduced chord from Si-flat
  • Hsus4 Si major with quart instead of thirds
  • Hbsus4 Si-flat major with quart instead of thirds
  • H6 Major 6th chord from Si
  • Hm6 Minor 6th chord from Si
  • Hb6 Major 6th chord from Si-flat
  • Hbm6 Minor 6th chord from Si-flat
  • H7 Dominant 7th chord (Major seventh chord) from Si
  • Hm7 Minor 7th chord from Si
  • Hb7 Dominant 7th chord from Si-flat
  • Hbm7 Minor 7th chord from Si-flat
  • Hdim7 Reduced 7th chord from Si
  • Hbdim7 Reduced 7th chord from Si-flat
  • H7sus4 Major 7th chord with quart from Si
  • Hb7sus4 Major 7th chord with quart from Si-flat
  • H Major 7/6 from Si
  • Hb Major 7/6 from Si-flat
  • H9 Major nonchord from Si
  • Hm9 Minor nonchord from Si
  • Hb9 Major nonchord from Si-flat
  • Hbm9 Minor nonchord from Si-flat
Chords of H or B - Si

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